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How Camping Helps You Be Better

How Camping Helps You Be Better

Anxiety has been pillaging countless American lives, where research suggests that more than 40 million adults suffer from this specific sort of a mental condition. While the reason varies, there still remains affirmation that clustered and congested cityscapes contribute significantly in the burgeoning rates of sufferers. Whether it is the tedious drudgery, stress over a particular matter, or having to adjust to a new environment, the claustrophobic atmosphere of most city areas do not help at all to curtail the pain. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that we all take time off when our city lives become too big of a burden to hold within us, and distract ourselves with a hideaway. 

Health experts do suggest a variety of activities that help largely in alleviating feelings of stress, and most of these revolve around meditation, de-cluttering, and a physical activity. While all of these are sound forms of self-medication, what we fail to realise is that the primal form of a stress-relieving activity is the one we’ve forgotten about through our fast-paced lives. Camping is one of the most underrated and successful forms of self-treatment because of how easily it mitigates feelings of stress to replace them with excitement and wonder. Here are the ways camping leads to a reduction in stress accumulation:


The Breath of Fresh Air

Our bodies necessitate a number of nutritional components to improve functionality and retain a healthy form. Some of these nutrition derive directly from nature, and the lack thereof can cause an evident deterioration in our physical states which in turn affect our mental health. Being shelved inside corporate buildings and living in close quarters where the sun hardly ever finds itself inside can lead to you having a complete meltdown due to constant feeling of tiredness and frustration. These landscapes barely hold enough space to provide proper oxygenated living areas. Cities tend to be devoid of trees and plants and often shelter themselves from the sun with its towering infrastructures, leading to a deprivation of the mandatory natural nutrition for us. Therefore, camping gives you the opportunity to go out and breathe the fresh air where the breeze stands unrestricted and the sun shines in all of its glory. Surround yourself with an environment that burgeons in plants and trees, not people and mental pressure. In the end when you feel completely rejuvenated, you’ll understand why you should break out from usual routine to go out camping. 


The Environmental Exercise

Camping signifies exploration, and exploration is only probable through physical exertion. Whether you take a walk down a nature trail or choose to trek through mountainous terrains, camping out demands some form of an exercise. But, what distinguishes exercise from camping outside to the exercise we get from a standard gym is that the former is more fun. When you take a stroll or a jog over nature trails, you immerse yourself in a world completely different to the one you’re accustomed to but it’s not a scary thing. You are surrounded by the beating hearts of nature – the trees, flowers and plants that rise up and around to greet you into their world. This integration into a calmer and majestic environment added with the physical exercise does translate into feelings of restoration and revitalization. Therefore, these essential elements of self-medication for stress comes through a rather invigorating and calming atmosphere when you choose to go camping. 


The Natural Landscape

We all understand how important going outdoors is to our health and betterment, so this stands as an obvious point but it is still necessary to mention it. Nature is best agent for relaxation simply because we adore its beauties and yearn for its serenity. Our normal city life encompasses of clustered areas, obnoxious honking and a lack of peaceful atmospheres. However, camping allows us to stay away from all of it and imbues within us this feeling of tranquility from not being in the midst of crowds and noise. The chirping of songbirds, the glitter of the sun against a steady lake and the warmth of trees huddled together – there is no better way of meditation than being in the midst of nature itself. 


The Happy Hormone

The reason health experts suggest recreational activities for stress alleviation is because these result in a release of serotonin in our bodies. Serotonin is a specific hormone that works to improve our circulation, breathing and increase energy levels as well as retain a mental peacefulness. This, therefore, creates feelings of happiness and is the best solution to mitigate stress. Camping falls in the standard of a recreational activity and thus, serotonin is released in significant amounts in response to the number of physical activity that is maintained. So, save your expenses from purchasing a gym membership and go out within the nature for a little camping trip.


Say Goodbye to Stress and Hello to Camping

Stress originates from a long list of habits that we tend to engage ourselves in. We choose to be regular in our technological use, take up an incessant amount of pressure from work, distress ourselves through long journeys in clustered spaces and burden ourselves with a thousand different tasks every single day. These are the common reasons of stress and anxiety – habits that we remain adamant to keeping regardless of the disastrous effect it has on our mental states. 


When you go out camping, you instantly devoid yourself from these components of stress. Technological use becomes limited as you replace the screens for the scenic environment that surrounds you. Work pressure no longer remains an issue and you hardly have people taking up your personal space. If you go out camping with your loved ones, the quality time also contributes to stress alleviation. Choose to read a book on a hammock between trees or lodge by a lake and watch small fishes lapping over each other or have your families gather around, perhaps with everyone wearing the same camping graphic shirts for an added bit of fun, but make sure you do shift camping into your busy schedules for your own mental and physical betterment.

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